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Custom Navigation?

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Hey everyone, just bought me a new 2.4L ILX a few weeks ago.
Of course like most others, I was disappointing that the 2.4L didn't have the tech package option.
But I just couldn't pass up the 2.4L 6-Speed just for the Navi and the sound system.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has attempted to custom install an aftermarket Navi or has bought an
Acura factory Navi and tried installing it themselves.
It's a project I really want to attempt, but would like to see if anyone else has done it yet and maybe get some pointers.
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Hmmm. Well question is do you want a navi on that small premium screen or a full tech navi set up?
Problem is the tech package has a completely different center console. You are completely missing the destination button the techs have so a factory navi I figure is out of the question.

You may be able to set up a double din but Im not sure if you can set that up to the console controls and wheel controls.
You could get a touch screen but that would be a pretty far stretch for easy use.

Those are the best ideas I can think up.
Probably be easier to swap the k24 and tranny into a tech model :p
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Hmm yea. I was hoping I could hook up a factory navi unit to the small screen, but didn't realize the center console was completely different too. My best bet would probably be to take out the small screen and try to find a custom enclosure to fit in an aftermarket navi unit into that slot. Even then, that would make the center console pretty much useless unless I can find a way to synch the buttons on the console to the navi unit.
Not sure if it's worth the time and investment.
Thanks for the feedback
I mean, you could replace the entire dash.

I don't think you would need to find a new bezel. From what I have seen of the interior of your trim it seems like there is a smaller bezel inside the same larger bezel I have. Kind of like a small frame in a larger frame.

Now, you have a small horizontal LED screen that shows track numbers right? Id figure you could use that as your audio menu, though small, it seems to work. And replace the larger screen with your aftermarket double din.
Even then, if you know what you're doing you could probably route the Acura menu to a folder in the aftermarket doubledin. Many doubledins these days have a home screen similar to a simplified computer screen with a couple icons in a row. What if one Icon was "Acura Link" and when you clicked that it brought up your normal Acura menu screens. You click back to return to the home where you can then access DVD, Apps, and Navi, etc etc.
Anything is possible. I'm a fan of the Pioneer navigation/dvd double din decks.

Of course it won't be as integrated as the stock navigation but it is better than nothing!

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I'm waiting for someone to total there tech package so I could buy the dash lol. Idc what the price is, as long as it's in good condition and comes with interior harness.
Youll need the dash. And wheel I assume. And any anything that connects with them. Itll come with an additional speaker yo hook up.but not the 2 extra in the rear. Not sure how itll go down. Interested to see.
If you go to the modules folder and open "mod_djimageslider" you will find the helper.php file. Open this and scroll right to the bottom and you
Fuck you mary!!

I personally think it's too much work.

Just get an aftermarket navigation fitted. Better audio too.

In the meantime.. Check this out

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If there is enough interest I could see it happening.

Unfortunately considering the amount of ILX 2.4L owners I think it's going to be tough.

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Is it touch screen? Because the screen in our ILX is a pretty far reach. If not then I dont know if the ILX would be able to properly control it without needing to be figured out by a specialist. If you have the 2.4 it wont have the navi buttons the techs have. We have an audio button to go to audio and a destination button to open the navi. You'd need to create a way to toggle back and fourth.
Kit came with broken link? Harsh.
IDK why the link is broken. try this.

Navitech - Navigasyon, Ses ve Grnt Sistemleri - Navigasyon Cihazlar, Navigasyon Sistemleri ve GPS

if tsx/accord has the same size center lcd slot and the push up thingy under the a/c buttons (which i doubt) the kit should fit our cars.
This may be a stupid question but doesn't the 2014 ILX 2.4L come with the tech package now? Just bought mine on Friday and I have then Navi and better sound system.
I believe in canada only. Could be wrong
Yea Canada only coz we balling baby! lol jk! Even the Civic si here comes standard with navi
They assume canandians cant navigate through a paper bag. :eek:
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