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blck on blck 6 speed

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Nice choice in color. Whats the plans for the car?
I digg it but i curently own a black car and i am tired of owning black!
lol just a personal thing, but i like it!
As for the color the black was my second choice since the dark gray wasn't available. :( It is my
first black car . It just breaks necks everywhere I go lol... Just love it.
I do like those diamond cut wheels they have.
Black on black is the only color I would get. It's going to be hard to keep the paint from being scratched up. Make sure you only wash the car with touchless washes and when hand washing use proper techniques and materials. Black shows swirls very easily. But when clean it is sexy. May I recommend Opti-Coat application since the car is brand new?

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I looked up that wax since I do like to wax it myself, im going to try it.
looking for a local spot that has extra clear coat sounds good to me
Sweet pick up!

i would black out the grill though!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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