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Bad start on this site - logged me off twice and I lost posted contents

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My first impression of this site is that it's buggy or that it has some lame settings. So far, I'm rather ticked off that it has cause me to waste a bunch of time.

I joined the site last night, activated my membership, log on, click the "stay logged on" button, and type up a post for a new thread, then click "post."

It tells me that I'm not logged in and everything I just typed vanished into cyberspace. I figure that maybe because I was working on an old, slow netbook, that equipment might be to blame.

So I retype my post on a faster computer, am positive to click that "Stay logged on" button, and when I click on "post" the same thing happens - I'm no longer logged on, everything I just typed has dissipated into the cybersphere, and nothing was saved when I back clicked.

Message boards/forums have been around for over a decade and I've joined many of them. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. Is this some sort of security functioning of the site to prevent spamming from new members? Seems like a way to guarantee that some of your new members very quickly become ex-members. I guess I will have to type everything in Word and then cut-and-paste, but that's a pain. I think there's at least one other similar ILX owner's site out there - assuming it functions like a normal site, I may have to check out that site instead if this one doesn't function normally, without quickly logging me out like this one has done on me multiple times.
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Hello Wisguy,

I am sorry about the intial impression created by this issue. I can assure you this site is otherwise been technically stable. We hope to have you as a member of this community.

I will look into this issue with our Admin.

Sorry for your experience and I hope this can get worked out for you.

Not everysite is perfect by all means. Sometimes site just have errors. But most importantly the question is how they respond and how long. Ive experienced worse from other forums that dont even respond to issue even if you are a paying member. I havent had any issue on here yet.
I am the admin here so if you are still experiencing these issues then feel free to PM me :D

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