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Audi slams Honda Acura NSX on Twitter

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An official Audi tweet has sledged Honda’s Acura NSX

The tweet calls the NSX ‘vaporware’, a term for products that are announced and widely promoted but never actually released for sale – or intended to be – and whose main task is to keep public attention away from the competition.

Audi’s tweet, referring to superhero Iron Man (Tony Stark in his civvies) ditching his signature Audi R8 in favour of the NSX for The Avengers, may be a symptom of post product-placement stress disorder.

Or it may be comfirmation that Stark may be staying away from the R8 for the upcoming third in the Iron Man movie franchise. But we are unlikely to see a similar tweet if he switches – as rumoured – to Audi stablemate Bugatti to get behind the wheel of a Veyron.

Audi retweeted the vapourware sledge from respected Edmunds and Inside Line car journalist Dan Edmunds, who probably won’t be in the early queue for Iron Man 3 tickets.
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wow.. lowblow, but i dont blame them. honda has come out with a lot of junk and nearly no sports cars..
Good. Put more heat on Honda. I think all of us should put heat on Honda. Honda needs to step their game up in my opinion. Things are changing.. Even TOYOTA is stepping up their game. Honda needs to go back to their roots and bring back cars like the integra and s2000... And the NSX.. Bring some Type Rs to stateside.

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At this point and time, its pretty obvious that Honda has been lacking. As time goes on they need to realize that other automakers are striding forward. For the last decade nothing really impressed me. They need to bring back some milestones as cfrp said.
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