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Simply put, Acura is a brand that desperately needs a shot of new life. Over the past decade, Honda's luxury arm has lost market share, suffered through some questionable designs and has often failed to inspire critics and car shoppers alike. It's a shame, too, since Acura brought some of the most interesting and important technological advancements to automobiles in the later part of the last century.

On top of that, Honda, Acura's parent company, has among the best, most reliable engines in the world, so all Honda and Acura models should be in demand for their dependability.

But with a new RLX flagship sedan, a new NSX on the way and, now, the new entry-level ILX, the Japanese luxury brand seems to be putting some extra effort towards winning back customers lost to BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and others over the past few years.

The 2013 Acura ILX is a compact luxury sedan (basically, a very nice Honda Civic) that comes in a few different configurations: A 2.0L, a 2.4L and 1.5L hybrid. With a relatively low base MSRP, lots of options and standard features, and much more attractive aesthetics than recent Acura sedans, the ILX looks to get the first-time luxury buyer hooked on these luxury Hondas.

AOL Autos Test Drive: 2013 Acura ILX
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