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Hey everyone! Just bought this premium package polished metal ILX as the wife's DD, great experience so far. The interior/exterior is great, comfort access standard is a nice touch, and it handles decently. It is definitely lacking in power especially down low, and the 5-speed slushbox seems a bit un-fun.. I wouldn't really consider it for anyone looking for a powerful/sporty ride. But it's a good balance between reliability, luxury features, price, looks, and MPG. Seems like if you just keep the revs high you'll be able to move around OK :)

It definitely needs a tint ASAP, and I might look into doing stuff with the infotainment unit (skipped out on the tech package) if anyone has any info. Also probably going to look into potential for a turbo/super in the future to get some low-end torque (if some options open up).

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