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Acuralink and iPhone?

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Anyone get this to work? I checked HandsFreeLink | and it states that iPhone's are not compatible.
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Apple just revealed their IOS 7 that is to integrate the iphone with the infotainment system of many car manufacturers, including Acura. It supposed to provide hands free calling, infotainment integration, and navigation.
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I am looking forward to the apple integration. I might move back to Apple just for that!

Glad to see Acura jump on the wagon though. There are many companies that did not and I bet some are disappointed.

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I'm still on ios 6 and everytime I answer a call, caller doesn't seem to hear me. I will update mine tonight
I can use my features in the ILX except for texting feature with my I-phone. The best place to put the Iphone for reception is in the front cubby in the console in front of the shifter. I have no problem using the talk feature when I do that.
^Yes text/reply feature doesn't work with my iphone as well. I was going to update my iphone but apple hasnt released it on public. :(
So I have an iPhone 5 and I can receive text messages that speak to me but I cannot reply. I still cannot get AcuraLink to connect. Does anyone have instructions on how to do that?
I'm finding that in my 2016 ILX my iPhone 5S is working well with the audio features.

Not with the texting, though. I'm using the most recent iOS 8.4 beta 3.
Most of the companies are a bit disappointed yeah i guess. But as with placement console near front shifter is a nice place.
i-phone with the infotainment system of many car producers, such as Honda, Acura. It's expected to provide automatic contact, and routing.
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