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Acura ILX Type S / Hybrid / Base

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There are three ILX's to choose from. A higher performance type s version, a gas sippin Hybrid, and the consumer base.

They haven't announced all the differences between the three but looking at how Acura does their cars the Type S model will most likely come with larger calipers, larger rotors, leather heated seats, heated mirrors, bose audio system. And the base will come with cloth seats and standard acura audio. I am wondering if there will be a base premium that offers the leather interior and bose interior.

The question is. Are they going to badge the 4 door a type s? Or will the 2 door version be type s?
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Thats even if they intend to sell the car as a 2 door the CSX never got 2 door treatment, nor did any car in That segment that Acura participated in . They had the 1.6EL, 1.7EL, CSX and now the ILX, which all the previous generation cars are 4 door luxury variants of their honda counter parts, which the Honda counter parts did have coupe, but never made it to Acura.

So based on their past i believe if they decide to create a type s it would have to be the 4 door.
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