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Acura ILX - The Civic Si killer

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These are my opinions on the new ILX. Most of the guys and gals I've spoken to don't like the ILX. Either for the styling or for the specifications. But if you think about it.. If this was the new Civic Si, everyone would be all over it.

The styling is something between a TSX and a Civic. The ILX should be more feature packed then the Civic Si and those who are willing to spend more for that luxury are going to go for the ILX.

I'm sure this will be a great seller for Acura. Especially the K24 variant.

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This would be a great sell its the perfect combo, the car will get 40MPG based on that its an R18 motor bored out to an R20 motor, which on the 9th gen achieve 40 MPG

As far as numbers go they also plan to add direct injection and other goodies to create more power more torque and everything else as well. Luxury, Cheap, Fuel Efficient!

I'd still love a K24 though!
in terms of sales the Civic will obviously sell way more. but people that are looking at the 4 door si might jump on this if they do come out with a k24 variant. it does somewhat resemble a civic but it definitely has the luxury features of an acura model.
I see why they dont like the styling, a lot of people dont like Acura's new style of Front Grill Fisca, its ugly as hell it honesty looks like Buck Teeth!

The civic will cell more but it will still sell people no matter what will still buy the ILX, reason being because everyone wants honda civic maintenance and all other things but they also want Acura's nice interior, this will be a hot sell but they need to re work that front end!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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