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It’s a fact that here in trend setting America, and now the world at large, it’s about style. But when it comes to cars, fuel efficiency is a definite factor to be considered.

So here’s the good news: From $16,000 to $34,000, you can have as much style and premium features as you desire, along with the promise of 35 miles per gallon AT MINIMUM. But don’t trip and miss the performance values as some of these four cylinder engines can really get ghost!

Acura ILX Tech Hybrid
Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$34,400 39 city/38 hwy n/a n/a $1,500

This entry-level luxury newcomer for model year 2013—also available in a gasoline only version starting at $25,900, is turning heads across the nation!

I saw one in New Jersey a few month ago that caused me to do some serious rubber-necking before speeding up to get a good look at this long awaited all new model from Acura.

Aside from the great gas mileage via its 201 horsepower hybrid engine, coupled with the reliability and other key features we’ve come to expect from the Acura brand, when you pair your phone with the car’s Bluetooth, text messages come through via alert and appear on the monitor. While driving you’re given the option to have incoming messages read aloud. You can even respond via a selection of simple, pre-formatted answers such as Yes, No, I’m driving and can’t talk right now and more.

Toyota Prius V

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel

$29,990 44 / 40 $36 450 $1,200

Considered a midsize station wagon, the Prius V offers crossover comfort with compact efficiency!

Because it’s a Prius, very little needs to be said of the hybrid that put hybrids on the map. But what I can sing additional praises about besides the amazing space in vehicle with such a small footprint is Entune. Similar to Enform, which is found on Lexus vehicles, Entune delivers a selection of multimedia applications that when paired with your phone offers the ability to do things from your car that you might do from a handheld, iPad or computer. It reads off your emails and text messages right on the large monitor, allows you to stream music, offers voice recognition and other features including the ability to book a reservation at your favorite restaurant right from the car. With compliments of Toyota for the first three years, Entune is priced around $15 and some change afterwards. Entune real

Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$27,400 40 / 38 $51 612 $1,250

This award winning staple on the American automobile front has never looked better to me! It too includes Entune, along with advanced voice recognition and text-to-speech with both programmed and customized responses.

The 156 horsepower 2.5 liter engine makes a significant difference in the power and performance. In other words, when I tapped, it responded in an instant!

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$25,850 35 / 49 $52 573 $1,350

Hyundai is at the top of its game these days, spitting out hot new model left and right! Since the 2010 debut of the sixth generation Sonata for model year 2011 arrived, it’s been winning awards and pubic opinion polls nonstop as a major force on the playing field of style and value.

With 166 horses under the hood of this 4 cylinder cruiser in combination with the electric hybrid engine gives it a powerful 206 horsepower feel, Ambient lighting and Hyundai’s Blue Link to compete with Camry’s Entune and an awesome 5 year/60,000 mile nnew vehicle warranty; 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty; 10 year/100,000 mile hybrid system components warranty all adds up to great value for the price of a damn good looking whip!

2012 Kia Optima Hybrid

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$25,700 35 / 40 $52 573 $1,350

Definitely for the more savvy, hip and style driven is the Optima in every trim level, including the new SXL model with its optional Audi-esque, Mercedes-esque LED daytime running lamps!

While for 2012, LED daytime running lights are not an option for Optima Hybrid, it’s still one sharp whip. Add the $5,350 Premium Technology Package for the necessary creature comforts such as navigation, back up camera, cooled seats, a set of 17’s rims, driver’s seat memory, a panoramic sunroof that blocks out harmful rays when closed and let’s in plenty of sunshine when wide open, a kick butt stereo and more.

Loaded, we’re talking $31,750 for a car you can’t help but love!

2012 Mazda3 4-Door

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$22,500 28 / 40 $44 431 $1,550

At the Grand Touring trim level with Skyactiv, Mazda says, “Our 40 is better than their 40,” with regard to the fuel saving Skyactiv technology offering a 7% improvement on drag, a 21% fuel efficiency improvement with a 5% improvement in horsepower resulting in a 10% improvement in torque. Best of all, to experience all of this greatness, you don’t have to push a button marked “ECONOMY!”

A bit more stately in looks, Mazda3 at the 4-Door trim level offers a $1,400 Technology Package with features you’d expect in a more high end whip such as rain sensing wipers that adjust the speed on their own based on how hard the rain hits the windshield, blind spot monitoring to warm you of oncoming traffic, even bi-xenon headlights!

2012 Kia Rio SX

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$17,500 30 / 40 $34 339 $1,550

Once again, Kia hit the mark, delivering style with affordability and amazing fuel economy for the budget minded.

The 1.6 liter engine comes with a six speed transmission, a sport tuned transmission and a set of 17 inch rims all of which makes it hot and fun!

2012 Kia Rio EX 5-Door

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$16,500 30 / 40 $34 339 $1,550

Same as above with a hatch-back, less the set of 17’s in place of 16 inch rims. But Bluetooth is a standard feature to keep you focused on the road and not holding the phone!

2012 Mazda2 Touring

Base Mileage Fill up Miles Per Tank Annual Fuel
$16,020 29 / 35 $34 325 $1,600

The freshman’s choice at college this year! Fun colors, simple with no complexities or costly repairs

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on future ILX models i think acura needs to break the 40MPG rating, 40 seems to be the magic number for car makers. People are far from ready to buy EV's and Hybrids. A fuel efficient 4 cylinder getting 40MPG's will help give the ILX the attention it needs, but of course the civic will get it first if this happens.
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