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What does the Acura brand stand for?

After a few lineup shuffles, styling overhauls and years of mixed messages, sometimes it seems as if even Acura isn't so sure. Is Acura the brand that's sort of sporty, sort of techy? The brand with lukewarm styling that markets endlessly about being "bold"? Or is the luxury brand with environmental awareness?

Nevertheless, the entry-level Acura has always been the strongest part of Acura's lineup. First the Integra, then the RSX — they always hit that sweet spot of pricing and desirability that made them classics and put Acura's name on the map for a lot of people. Finally, a new small Acura is back in the lineup, and it's called the ILX. Is it more of the same? Does it bring a new sense of focus to Acura's lineup?

Read the rest at Acura ILX sorts through an identity crisis with smart luxury for under $30,000 - 2012-Dec-23- CultureMap Houston

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I don't foresee any upgrade from Acura for 2014 and that will be a shame. That being said In my world I'd make the Earth Dreams engine standard,even in the Hybrid and add LSD to the 2.4L 6MT model.
SH-AWD would be a sweet option but we know Torrance would never allow it because of price point.
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