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Acura ILX: Roof Rack Options

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I am purchasing an Acura ILX this coming week and need help with finding roof rack options. I have always had Thule roof racks on the various vehicles I have driven.
Thule makes a roof rack for the ILX, but I cannot find any pictures of what it will look like installed. Can anyone help by posting or sending pictures of Acura ILX's with roof racks? I don't want to buy the rack if it makes the car look funny. If anyone has had problems with installed roof racks on their ILX, please let me know.

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Will the racks for a 2013 Honda Civic work on the Acura ILX? The ILX is Acuras upscale Honda Civic. See more at - Roof Rack Recommendation for a 2013 Acura ILX |

does it absolutely work?
Is this for bicycles, skis, ect ?
It's a "system" made up with Yakima Landing Pads, Control Towers, and Cross Bars. The Landing Pads are permanently secured with stainless hardware through the shell of the top and stay in place. Read Complete Story Here :-

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Kyle Leon
Yakima is the only company with an ILX fit kit right now. Standard Q Towers with fit clips 5 (front) and 83 (rear). Only uses the basic round style load bars.
As of today, Thule now has a fit kit for both Square and Aerobars for the ILX. :)
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