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Acura ILX OEM Wheel Spec

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Does Anyone know the OEM Wheels Spec the Acura ILX?

The Acura ILX, Judging my Honda's 5 bolt past uses a 5x114.3?

But would the keep it the same or change it up?

Also Honda entry level cars usually are a 16-17" sized rim with about a 7" wide and maybe +40 offset?
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I can agree with you on that one ! it most def should be a 5x114.3 This isnt no subaru or BMW they all have the same wheel hub pattern no way in hell would acura in their right mind change they're wheel bolt pattern o something totally randoms and different!

as for wheel sizing i would say 16" as well in terms of everything else no idea but from my experiences your pretty spot on with those guesses.
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