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Earlier today, we found out that the ILX compact sedan isn’t all that great, even in its maker’s eyes. The car was supposed to get a quick makeover just like the Civic to compensate for the slow sales figures.

It was also speculated that the lack-luster 2-liter engine in the base ILX would be scrapped because it did not offer competitive performance with only 150 hp at its disposal. However, according to Acura spokesman Carter Jung, the 2-liter four-banger will be kept, and the rumors of its demise are unfounded.

He also defended the ILX, saying that in November, it outpaced the TL and TSX, also being the best selling model in their lineup. So, does that mean changes will be small?

Most likely, the answer is yes. While we still don’t like this parrot-faced sedan, it’s simply not as important as the Civic, so money probably can’t be diverted to its ‘cause’.

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Acura ILX Keeping Base 2-Liter Engine - autoevolution
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