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Acura ILX Interior Black Vs Beige

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Black Interior

Beige Interior

As much as i love beige the color of that beige inteior looks really easilyto get dirty, As far as that interior goes its actully much much nicer than the current gen civic and much nicer than the last gen CSX.

9th Civic Interior

CSX interior

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I'll be looking for one with a black interior.
The beige looks like something a middle age suburban mom would drive. Black looks more stylish. Not to mention beige is automatic.
i don't mind the beige, but i don't think it will wear interior is best
Black interior > beige interior

I just wish Acura offered factory wood trim, it would look so good with that interior.
wood trim would look amazing with beige, not so great with black..
black or sliver trim looks best with black leather. but yes the wood grain would be idea for the beige interior.
hands down black.. beige looks amazing on white or red cars though!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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