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Acura ILX / Hybrid | 2013 | Documentation for Frontal Crash by NHTSA

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Complete pre-test documentation and post-test review for Acura ILX NHTSA frontal crash test.

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Sad to see but a number of them end up to be junked after crashed to provide results and improvement. A lot could be learned from these crashes but at least its necessary. If these cars were used in a demolition derby then tats where its a waste.
Not sad at all, it's just an Acura ILX. If it was an NSX (which will eventually happen) then that would be sad! really sad!.

If a number of cars have to be scrapped just so we can be safer, why not. I just hate seeing it happen when it's some flagship or legendary car.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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