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The Flash Pro unit for the Civic Si also recognizes the ILX 2.4L.

So once we get an intake (injen?) and an exhaust (full race 3"?!) and the RV6 downpipe is it time to tune? :punk:

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Sure would be time. The K24 with those mods is almost putting down the same power as the K20 with similar mods, while putting down gobs more useable torque. If you don't mind a louder car there is a hell of a lot of performance there for less than $2K.
It is promising! The Injen intake made for the Civic Si unfortunately does not fit so in some way our cars are not indentical in the engine bay.. Weird.. but I hope they fit something for our cars, CT-E is going to release an intake as well. ^_^

I am waiting for a sell where hopefully Full-Race will come down on their price to compensate for the shipping costs, I really want their exhaust and downpipe w/ cat. I'll just have their tip cut and dumped to make it behind the bumper.

All of the 9th gen bolt-on guys are over 200WHP, 175WTQ which is pretty impressive considering those are Crank#s stock.
Hondata will be my 3rd mod after coil-overs and wheels/tires
The torque in the 2.4L is a very nice luxury over the k20.

I have a K20 in my rsx and I plan to swap the block out with a 2.4L from the tsx when my motor blows. I might even just throw in an entire k24 motor. Still looking at the pros and cons of a k20/24 frank vs a k24 engine.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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