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Great collection of first drive reviews we have here.

The 2.4L model should represent about 10 percent of ILX sales. It makes 201 hp at 7,000 rpm, and 170 lb-ft torque at 4,400 rpm and returns 9.8/6.8 L/100km, city/highway. It is a “Premium” model but is only available with a six-speed manual transmission, and cannot be optioned with the Tech Package.
I think Acura will regret not offering an automatic transmission with the 2.4L engine as a lot of people don't drive manual. Some love the power of a bigger engine and the ease of use of an automatic tranny, maybe Acura will reconsider in the future.

To AcuraPWR:

You've got to remember, that the 2.4L in the ILX is the same engine that is in the Civic Si, not the one from the TSX. It is designed to mate solely with the 6 Sp, and would be quite expensive to modify to work with an automatic. There i sno automatic for ths Si either.

The manual gives you lots more control and flexibility, more usable power (both because you can control the shift points and because you don't have a power-robbing torque converter) and can give better mileage if you drive it as such (You see higher numbers for automatics because they are now programmed to upshift too soon. You can get even better mileage with a 6 Sp (note Acura only has a 5 Sp automatic) if you shift like the automatic does, but that's dull.

Where I think Acura has gone wrong with the 2.4L is in not offering the tech package, or at least navigation, on the 2.4L, using the same suspension as the lesser ILXes, which means too much body roll (Civic Si uses different suspensions from other Civics) and most of all it's too expensive in all models relative to the competition or the Civic for what you get.
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