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Acura ILX Commercials Target Youth Market

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The Acura ILX takes a stab at offering a low priced entry-level luxury car, and to kick off sales the company has just released its first two commercials.

Both spots focus on showing off the versatility of the car and play to a young persons sensibilities. Each one splits a person’s personalty, and shows how the ILX can work for a business man, or for going late-night club hopping. The car, so by default the commercials, are aimed at the generation-Y crowd, and look to capture a youthful perspective of life, and how the ILX can fit in.

The marketing campaign for this car marks Acura’s largest ever investment in interactive media, with ads scheduled to appear on the XBOX live network as well as Pandora radio.

As the ILX is the trailblazer for luxury automakers offering entry-level cars, every rival company will no doubt have eyes on the sales numbers to see if there is a viable market segment for such a thing.
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expensive car for the youth, entry level ILX costs as much as a Civic SI, I see youth going for the Civic Si over ILX.
Well depends if that youth would want luxury or performance a lot of kids these days want luxury with decent performance the ilx has got that
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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