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I purchased an Acura ILX 2016 with Technology Package and ELS sound system, the battery dies after 30 minutes of radio use. The car was recently replaced with a brand new battery, is it a normal for an Acura ILX?
any help appreciated.
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It is not normal for the battery to die after just 30 minutes of running the factory radio. Accessory mode runs for something like 20 minutes per cycle and I have used it for at least three cycles without issue before. When you run the radio are you using accessory mode where you do not depress the brake pedal and only press the start/stop button once? I could see the battery being run down much faster if you are actually turning the vehicle on without starting the engine. Especially if the climate control fan is running.

I imagine this is not the case and that you are using accessory mode though. If you are certain that the battery has been depleted after only 30 minutes, then there is something else drawing a large amount of power that should not be. The battery even though new, is defective, or the charging system is not able to maintain the battery when driving. This could be because there is a problem with that system or the battery just has never been charged back fully after the first time it drained. Alternators are not designed to charge a flat battery and this should really be done with an external battery charger. This is especially true if the car is only driven for short trips all the time.
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