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Acura ILX 2.4L Short Shifter ?!

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Short Shifter (2013 ILX)

CT Engineering short shifter


How exactly does this thing work?

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Is this the only company that makes a short shifter for the ILX or are their other brands?
This is the only one right now.

here is a review of the CT short shifter from azine
So was it worth the 60 bucks?

Sure. I guess. If you like crisper, quicker throws. It does however feel a bit notchy, instead off the buttery feel of oem. so every throw actually has a more accentuated selection feel into the cogs. It's ok, but I think there are ways of making the throws shorter. I'll have to see how other aftermarket shifters feel compared to this.

I went for a drive and immediately, I knew it felt different. I couldn't tell at all that the shifts got shorter, but I do know which gears I'm putting the shifter into better. It feels like its falling into a notch.

Its a good, well made, product. I think if I had to do it again, I would wait for an adjustable one. I know at least for my Subarus, there were tons of good adjustable shifters out there and for Honda/Acuras, I know the Buddy Clubs is an actual full shifter assembly replacement.
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Sounds like there was an improvement but not enough to warrant a purchase. Any chance of a video showcasing the short shifter?
Apparently it makes the shifts stiffer and you lose the smooth shifting of the stock shifter.. I'll stick with that.. get rid of the minor rev hang and you can shift 20% faster anyways lol
There is another option for a makeshift short shifter if anyone is interested.

A countersunk weighted shift knob.

Something from moddiction or TWM.

It lowers your shiftknob about an inch or so.

Short Shifters | TWM Performance Short Shifter Store

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That countersunk looks like the better option if the CT shifter isn't very smooth. Though I don't see any options for an ILX shifter on their website.
They are universal. Just buy Honda fitment.

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I like how the countersunk shifter looks, never liked having that narrow piece of the shifter sitting in the middle and from my experience it feels better to have it that low when shifting.
Can anyone tell me how to take the shift knob off? I've got a skunk 2 that I want to put on from my old car and can't figure out how to remove the stock one.
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