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Hey guys, I just recently purchased my 2013 Acura ILX 2.4 6 speed yesterday. It has just a hair above 27000 miles on it. Loving it so far it is my first manual car that I've owned and not a friends that I drove for 15 minutes to learn on, xD
My only problem is that the rear bumper covers the exhaust pipe so you can't see anything, which makes it seem like an electric car.
Now I dont wanna do anything crazy and heavily mod my car but I would like to do the norm - rims, tint, cai, and an exhaust (possibly just a axel back)
now would this bumper covering everything affect me adding an exhaust? or do you have to buy an aftermarket rear bumper to be able to see the exhaust tips
I have found multipe pictures of people with their ILX and different rear bumper and showing off their exhaust but I have yet to be able to find aftermarket bumper nor will they tell me how they achieved this


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