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Acura ILK Type S to Come with BBK( Big Brake KIT)

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So i was browsing the Web came across these photos which look to be an ILK rocking a BBK, you think they will only come on the Type S models if at all? or will it just have normal single piston calipers

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I think that's the Acura ILX concept. I don't think the Acura ILX Type S will have performance serious enough to justify the use of a BBK, I can see them doing a minor brake upgrade. With a 2.4L 6-Speed Manual Transmission setup being the best you can get atm how much better can they get with the Type S? To my guess there won't be much improvement with performance.

Just look at the older TL's, from base model to Type-S there wasn't any significant differences.
nothing can ever go wrong with a BBk set-up.

In terms of it not have enough performance to justify the bbk, how to claim that when the fr-s, which is the same power of this ilz, may have a BBK?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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