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Hello all!

A buddy of mine has an leased 2021 Acura ILX FWD that has all the safety lights turned on in the dashboard as well as a creaking noise when slowing down.

Today was a rainy day in California and the car locked up for a few seconds when doing a U turn.

The vehicle was in an accident In January 2022. Was hit in the left front corner, repaired by a body shop recommended by the insurance. No lights on the dashboard, no creaking.

Partner of mine went on the bay area Altamont and while going uphill when he noticed the lights come on the dashboard and started hearing the creaking when slowing down and at slow speeds.

At first, I thought the VSA module might of gone bad. But the creaking when slowing down (or diving at slow speeds) makes me question if it's something to do with the rear suspension/axels?

I have serviced my Audi and Mercedes autos prior, Acura is a little bit of a different animal in my book! 😁

Thank you for your help!
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