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About to own ILX 2.4

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Hello everyone!

I have a crystal black ILX 2.4 Dynamic on order and I just wanted to see if anyone had any input. What do you like about the ILX, what features do you use the most, what kind of mileage are you getting, what do you dislike the most about it?

I took a long test drive and though it's nowhere near the driving fun of my BMW 128, it was still fun to drive without being too watered down. I will be saving quite a bit of money by doing this, so I will still have a fun, upscale car. I'm excited!
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It reminds me so much of my 2010 Civic Si only more polished.I appreciate the techno upgrades with the ILX that I don't get in the Si. My wife does the majority of the driving (her DD) and she has been averaging between 31-32mpg with mostly rural and some expressway.
Dislikes...wish it had LSD and lil more power but all in all I'd give it a 9 out 10.

If there is a Type-S variant in a couple of years I'd trade up to that; but for us It's a keeper
Well CSX or now ILX are always the higher and luxurious versions of the civics. Let's just say the modified version of a civic. Don't get me wrong I still love the civics, I had an 8th gen civic myself but not a fan of the 9thgen
Hey Mac!

When is your ILX suppose to arrive? Is it going to be an automatic or manual?

I LOVE it's design, interior and exterior. It's everything I wanted in a car.... compact, luxurious, great interior & exterior design.
i dont think i can compare the looks of a 128 to the ilx. not be niased or anything but i think 128 is ugly, the ilx looks so much better as a classy sedan. Ive been hearing to many things about the 128i being a chicks car...which it is lol just kidding. Good choice though. Glas to hear your saving a couple bucks with this choice as well. What car did you own before?
I do think the ILX should have an LSD. Makes no sense. The Civic Si gets a LSD....

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I previously drove a TSX.. the disadvantages (personal): I am 6'1 and if I nod I hit the roof at the lowest seat settings.. Due to the civic platform you can hear hard bumps loudly in the cabin.. you cant feel them though so who cares.. (personal); grey area? The motor sounds awesome for a 4 cylinder.. BUT you can't get away from hearing it.. ever. Now, this is all based on my experience with my 2.4 for a matter of 30 miles so far.. it's been a good experience. I wont go into the goods but everything about this car outside of the listed above is great.
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