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One of the first things I did with my 2021 ILX was fit a 9th Gen Civic Borla axle back. Some notes. Came out much less expensive than a full catback but not without a few items (definitely an exhaust shop job as the flange/connection to the factory exhaust had to be modified).

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-The hangers hook up perfectly.
  • Slight bending of the hangers needed to get the tip centered in the bumper cutout.
  • Flange connection at the axleback connection to the factory pipe had to be cut off due to misalignment. A new connection/flange was welded on. Re-used factory gasket.
  • Had to add a resonator at the mid pipe to remove angry bees sound at Wide Open Throttle.
  • With the Magnaflow resonator in place, sounds absolutely perfect. Sophisticated and grown up. DSG downshifts under braking sound amazing.

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