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850-hp Acura NSX Ready For Pikes Peak 2012

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They say everything happens for a reason. It was too bad the Colorado Springs wildfire postponed 2012 Pikes Peak hill climb challenge, but it created an opportunity for this car to get ready. This superb-looking machine is created by LoveFab company based on a 1991 Acura NSX. Besides the mad body kit and cool HRE wheels, the LoveFab NSX also features an insanely powerful engine.

The original goal for this car was to have a 1000 horsepower and 2200lbs dry weight. But the finished product has apparently settled for 850. That is still a lot though, and it should be able to make an awful lot of dust at the event. Oh, no, wait. Pikes Peak is all tarmac these days. Damn.

Still, check out the car making dust in its test sessions in Michigan:

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