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Has anyone actually heard anything about the 2019-2021 ILXreceiving an OTA update to enable wireless CarPlay?

I saw something in a Facebook group but wanted to see if anyone actually knows if it is coming.

But one of my friends told me that for the folks saying it’s a hardware thing, that is not the case. The infotainment system in the ‘19-‘21 ILXhas all the hardware necessary to support wireless CarPlay, namely Bluetooth (for initial connection setup) and 5GHz WiFi (for the actual CarPlay connection). The infotainment system has both of those.
It really could be rolled out as part of an OTA update, but he doubts Acura will do so. It was the same situation with the ‘18-‘20 Accord - the infotainment systems in those cars had the hardware for wireless CarPlay, and Honda even sent out surveys gauging the interest of a paid upgrade for wireless CarPlay in those vehicles, but nothing ever came of it.

I have also done research on the wireless adapter -Cplay2air and Carlinkit 3.0.
Carplay2Air is identical hardware to Carlinkit 3.0 original version. They run the same firmware also and perform the same. This version has a hardwired USB connector.
CarLinikIt 3.0 is a new version that is similar in hardware but has a USB-C connector on the box and you plug a (removable) USB-C cable into it. It can run the same firmware, and it is not currently known if it is "better" hardware with some saying it boots quicker. It appears to be more difficult to change the firmware version in it and it is possible to brick it trying.

I am about to go looking to buy one, but not sure which is best. Probably the later USB-C version just in case it boots quicker.
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