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Hey guys,

I just purchased a 2017 ILX A-Spec (Canadian Spec) this month.
I really like this car as a comfortable daily, with good fuel mileage and reasonable sportiness. And I love the remote engine starter in the winter!
Anyway, I have a few questions regarding parts.
I know the ILX and the 9th gen Civic Si share a lot of parts. I am just wondering if the 16+ ILX and the 12-15 Civic Si have the same brakes.
I tried looking on tirerack and the part numbers for both pads and rotors are the same (both front and rear), however the specs on the Honda and Acura sites say differently. It seems like the ILX has bigger rotors front and back.
The reason I am asking is because I want to switch the pads to something sportier, and the 9th gen Civic Si has a lot more choices than the ILX.

Also, I am looking to purchase a slightly bigger rear sway bar from the Si. If I am not mistaken, the 13 Si comes with an 18mm and the 14+ come with a 20mm and the 16+ ILX come with 20mm/15mm, still debating which one to get.
What parts do I have to get from Honda if I am looking to switch to an Si bar? Are the endlinks, bushings and holders the same as the ILX?

Thanks in advanced guys!


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