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This is sort of a cross post from Acurazine since I didn't know this much more awesome forum existed.

Its been a while since I was last in an Acura. My first car was a Gen 1 Manual TSX.

After picking up the car today I put a good 150 miles on it and got some observations that some of you might be able to chime in on.

So these are my grievances.

1. Is the car really supposed to be this loud?
I didn't notice it too much on the test drive but I think it's really a combination of the engine noise, aero, and crappy jersey roads contributing to this. At the end of the day the car can't help that it was born from a civic and every once in a while when it pulls, it feels just like an SI (not necessarily a bad thing).

2. Is there some sort of eco mode?
Don't get me wrong it feels great to get be more connected to the road than I was with my accord. But this new engine and transmission just begs to go all the time. Sometimes I just want to chill and coast. I guess what I'm saying is, is there an old man mode of this thing?

3. Where are the modifications for this car AT?
I might be in the wrong forum since this community doesn't seem as bumpin' as the other ones on acurazine, but I'm really annoyed by the low end drone, the car doesn't seem to bring on its sublime noise until around 3.5-4k. Some after market goodies could really bring out how great this engine really is.

Final notes:

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this car. It brings back all the nostalgia of my good ol' TSX days. The car is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing. The DSG shifts aggressively and when you want to go fast, the speed is GTI fast.

Bottom line up front. There isn't a single car that is as good of a deal as this ILX is. This is probably due to the dismal residual values that the previous gen ILX had. But this car seems like it cant decide if what it wants to be and tries to hard like a VW to be all things to everyone.

Bonus picture
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Luxury vehicle

I turned in my 13 Accord EXL today. So happy to get out of that big boat.
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