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  1. Acura Owners - Earn $50 and also $50 toward an Automotive Service

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  2. ILX Ivtech engine question

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  3. Just for giggles, my 2013 ILX

    Acura ILX of the Month Contest
    Got a long way to go, still waiting on my aero kit, custom rear diffuser, and front splitter.
  4. Hackable?

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    With debates recently about Michael Hastings and his run away Mercedes or how Terrorists want our cars; Andy Greenberg writer for Forbes went on the hunt to find out if cars are indeed hackable. Greenberg met up with Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller, two engineers contracted by DARPA to research...
  5. Got my car back from injen tech, here's my review.

    Acura ILX Engine and Technical Discussion
    So I received my car back from injen technologies today after a long 4 1/2 days with out my baby, I decided to give my review ahead of time. I do not have the dyno sheets yet but ill post them when I do. [email protected] verified that the civic si cai and ilx cai are indeed different. They are very...
  6. Avatars And New Emoticons

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    Hey guys, Marco has graced us with his time and, as you probably already noticed, added some emoticons for us. Also, you now have the ability to upload an avatar within file and picture size limitations! :punk: :thumbup: