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  1. DIY: ILX coilover installation

    Acura ILX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    looking forward to that, a true VIP Acura ILX. Haven't seen anything like that yet, at least nothing completely VIP
  2. 2014 ILX Black/Black 6 speed, New Owner

    New Member Introductions
    congrats, great color choice, black is IMO one of the best colors for the ILX by far
  3. DIY: ILX coilover installation

    Acura ILX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Love how your ILX is sitting. Do the fronts rub? And good call on not going for reps. Reps kill the industry, if you really want to show support, buy the real deal, even if they're used and old. For me its either the stock OEM wheels, OEM wheels from another car or authentic aftermarket wheels
  4. ILX with new RR 20' Rims

    Acura ILX Pictures
    that actually sounds like a really nice tint, something thats not too dark at all for the front, not dark to the point it's a PITA to reverse park or anything at night, looking forward to pictures. how much did it cost you?
  5. 1st attempt to remove front bumper - need official instructions or close to

    Acura ILX Appearance and Body
    This is correct, good to keep some other sized sockets around, I find sometimes Honda/Acura trim also have random 12mm bolts and nuts, even some philips heads and flat heads. keep us posted on your bumper removal, even some pic's of the removal will help.
  6. 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid 1.5L Tech Quick Tour, Overview

    Acura ILX Videos
    That's true, GM has really bad quality chrome. But now chrome is starting to get played out, sometimes it looks just right on new cars. I think they should start having optional trim finishes, such as Chrome or matt black. Nothing is better than having trims perfected from the dealership, sucks...
  7. Why The Acura ILX Has Been Slow Out Of The Gate

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Acura can still make the ILX cool, i'm patiently waiting on them to release a performance version of the ILX. I strongly believe it's only a matter of time till it happens. How could they not start some new performance initiatives when they have a great opportunity to. Plus last I checked, Acura...
  8. ILX LED Daytime Lights

    Acura ILX Appearance and Body
    I was always a fan of this JDM look, being a Honda/Acura, you might as well do it, definitely can't do it on other cars, It just goes so well with Honda's. 3M also has a nice yellow tint you can apply to the lens for even more yellow. Before you buy those bulbs, look for yellow LED bulbs... LED...
  9. Trent's Build Thread; CT-E Supercharger

    Acura ILX Engine and Technical Discussion
    At least you understand what's needed every time you up the power output rather than cranking up the power output of your ILX and leaving the rest. 260-270whp is amazing for a daily driver, i'll love to see the dyno chart if you plan on hitting a dyno once you reach that stage. power curve...
  10. ILX Spring Options?

    Acura ILX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    thanks for the information, finally a reputable brand like Tein has lowering springs available for the Acura ILX community. after seeing your post i headed over to the tein use website for pricing, and they're $330.00 USD. me being a person that will want adjust-ability and not just being...
  11. Average age of ILX owners

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Your doing work to the factory Acura ILX wheels and calipers? If so, what will it be? (if you have decided as yet)
  12. Acura ILX Aftermarket Wheel Thread

    Acura ILX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    Best advice here when trying to stance out a Acura ILX. This is a good guide line to work off of, takes people almost from the least expensive to most expensive options.
  13. What Don't You Like About the ILX?

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    At least in the end it will have proper fitment and be on their for good. A lot of aftermarket lips are easy to put on but some don't fit spot on, anyone with an eye for detail will spot the flaws. Aside from the OEM Acura ILX lip, i want to see what aftermarket from lips we'll be getting!
  14. Furthest Long Distance Drive in ILX?

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Never knew they put "special" oil in our engines for the break-in. Always thought it was regular Honda engine oil, actually some salesmen don't believe in a break-in, some told me these days it's not required. Any idea what this special blend is like.
  15. Acura ILX vs Acura TSX

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    I think even better suspension bushings might even help and depending on how the engine and transmission mounts are, if improved I bet it will help the ILX feel even more confident in the turns. Since the ILX is still very new I can't wait to see what improvements will happen, usually the last...
  16. Acura - The Making of the RLX Commercial

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Awesome to see they filmed the RLX commercial in Toronto, but I bet this is just for Acura Canada and not something American's will be seeing. Cause there are hundreds of better looking places in the U.S. to film a commercial on the RLX. Still a very nice commercial!
  17. 2013 Acura ILX 2.4 Premium

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Unless you go up to the higher up models like the Accord or even TL. I think with cars like that that have bigger engines which require less work from the engine and lower RPM's than a 4 cylinder would, it helps with making the ride more quiet. Aside from the engine, I find road noise to be...
  18. Furthest Long Distance Drive in ILX?

    Acura ILX General Discussion Forum
    Make sure you do an oil change before you do that long trip just to be on the safe side. Being a new car you want to baby that engine a bit, driving that far for 8 straight hours is going to put the engine to work! Are you doing an inspection of your car before hitting the road or do you feel...
  19. Painted calipers

    Acura ILX Appearance and Body
    Yeah red just stands out too much, black or even a silver/grey will look really nice and even more OEM-looking than red would. At least with black you don't have to worry about it getting dirty too often since dirt isn't as noticeable on it as compared to red or silver.
  20. Painted OEM rims

    Acura ILX Wheels, Tires and Suspension
    What percent tint are you running in the front and rear? I like how dark your windows are and just curious, might go with the same percent tint you did. Your ILX is looking great! Anymore plans for "modifications"?
1-20 of 119 Results